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The Evolution of the Gaming Industry

Back in Victorian times, children would have been perfectly happy with basic wooden toys; perhaps a rocking horse, if they were lucky, and dolls. But nowadays, although these types of games are still selling on the high street, it is the technological games that seem to be in constant demand.

Companies such as Castle Games have had to adapt accordingly, as more and more sophisticated games are required in order to occupy an increasingly demanding younger market.

Indeed, sophistication is the real order of the day, too. As computer games are now reaching a graphics level that is almost akin to real life. Although there are censorships for the suitability of certain games for younger players, many argue that these standards are being compromised and that increasingly unsuitable gaming packages are now being sold and used by children that are far too young.

Then there is the fact that some adults may not feel that games ought to be so tightly regulated by the censorships boards in the first place. An insistent child that stresses that their friends are permitted to play with a certain game that is outside of their age group may well be given into and allowed to play.

This is where all parents have an onus of responsibility to follow the law that is set out in this case. Age minima are there for a reason and it is imperative that you only permit your child to enjoy the modern games that exist within the category.

The gaming industry has evolved massively over the past twenty years. Parents really do need to have eyes in the back of their heads and as soon as they take their eye off the ball here, they may well jeopardise their child's impressionability.



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