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More about Manchester United FC

There are a few football teams in the world that can boast of being united and with no doubt; Manchester United FC makes unity look like such an easy thing. Manchester united football club is one of the most decorated football clubs in England, currently based in Old Trafford. Loving a football club means loving every single thing about the team and being able to defend the team or club should there be the need. Before the name Manchester United; Newton Heath LYR Football club was what the club was known by but its name was changed in the 1902.

After the fatal plane crash killed some members of the football body, Matt Busby tried his very best to make the team stand even after what they had gone through. Today, Manchester United FC is managed by Sir Alex Ferguson and he has been able to sail the club through smooth and shaky waters. Manchester United has 19 titles, 4 league cups, 19 FA community shields and 11 FA cups. This should give you an idea on how wealthy, formidable, good and also how credible they are.

All over the world, Manchester United has so much support it marvels at how many supporters it has however built this gradually and has strengthened it over the years with their good games and also the great matches they play. The club is owned by Glazer Malcolm and his family. Being Forbes most valuable team in the world, there is no way they can be contended with.

Manchester United also has the nickname the Red Devils have had some changes to their badge not with the color but a slight change in the design which is great all the same. With world class players like goal keeper - David de Gea, defender Patrick Evra, Midfielder Anderson, midfielders Nani, Ryan Giggs, Danny Welbeck, etc; the football club has proven to have a strong bench that can beat any team anytime, any day.

It has not all being glory for the team however because; the year 2011 and 2012 brought them some surprises they never expected with teams like Inter Milan, Chelsea, etc; nevertheless they are still one of the best in Europe and will always be even if the did loose the 2012 Premier Leauge title.



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